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Why choose stainless steel coiled tubing?

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1. Reduce your cost
The coiled tubing we produce can reach more than 1000 meters, which highly reduces the tubing unions and connections during installation, making the installation more convenient, highly reduces the total cost in installation, and also the maintenance cost.

2. Improve the security
If you want to reduce the risk of leeks in the instrument of hydraulic system, the coiled tubing will be your first and best choice. Especially for the situation of vertical installation,

as you reduce the tubing unions and connections, it totally improves the integrity of the whole system, improves the safety and security during working.

3. Compact package for shipment and storage
We all know well that because of the limited length of container in sea shipment, normally, we only can ship seamless tube with length less than 15 meters. But for coiled tubing,

even length reaching more than 1000 meters, it also can be shipped easily in container. The seamless coiled tubing is level wound per coil, then packed by plywood case,

also it can be level wound on wooden or plastic spools for the smaller dimensions.

The stainless steel coiled tubing is used in control line tubing in oil and gas well, instrument tubing, chemical injection tubing line, pre-insulated tubing, electric heating

or steam heating tubing line, heater tubing line, and etc.

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