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Why Should Galvanized Steel Grating Be Hot-dip Galvanized?

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Hot-dip galvanizing for steel grid plates, hot-dip galvanizing is highly recommended
Hot-dip galvanizing is a chemical treatment and belongs to an electrochemical reaction.
Cold galvanizing is a physical treatment, except that a layer of zinc is applied to the surface, so the zinc layer is easy to fall off. Hot-dip galvanizing is often used in construction.
Continuous hot-dip galvanizing process: steel → heating → cooling to galvanizing temperature → galvanizing → cooling
Cold galvanizing is electroplating zinc, only 10-50g/m2, and its corrosion resistance is much worse than hot dip galvanizing. The price of electroplating is relatively cheaper.
Hot-dip galvanizing is the galvanization of the steel body under hot dip conditions. Its adhesion is very strong and it is not easy to fall off. Although the hot-dip galvanized pipe also has rust phenomenon, it can meet the technology and hygiene in a long period. Claim.
Process difference:
First of all, the difference in process is that hot-dip galvanizing is to remove the oil, pickle, dipping, drying and immersing in the melted zinc solution for a certain period of time.

Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. It is an electrolytic device that removes oil and pickles into a solution containing zinc salt and connects it to the negative electrode of the electrolysis device. A zinc plate is placed on the opposite side of the workpiece to be connected to the electrolysis device. The positive electrode, when the power is turned on, and the current is moved from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, a layer of zinc is deposited on the workpiece.

Why Should Galvanized Steel Grating Be Hot-dip Galvanized?

The difference between galvanized products: hot-dip galvanized surface is not cold galvanized and delicate, but the thickness of zinc layer is several times higher than that of cold galvanizing. Corrosion resistance is also several times that of electroplating.

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Why Should Galvanized Steel Grating Be Hot-dip Galvanized?

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