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Why titanium screws are more ’high-end’?

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Among the fastener family, titanium alloy screw is widely used in military industry, medical equipment industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, electronics, aviation and other high-end fields of fastener. The main reason is that titanium screw has very unique and excellent performance.

So what are the differences between titanium screws and traditional screws?

The difference between titanium alloy screw and traditional screw lies in different materials and properties. Titanium alloy screw is the synthesis of pure titanium and other metals. There are more than 70 kinds of titanium alloy, and their respective properties are different. Such as titanium alloy screw has low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good process performance and other advantages. In addition, compared with the traditional stainless steel screw, iron screw, copper screw, titanium alloy screw on the flexibility, and oxidation resistance has more obvious advantages. In addition, ordinary stainless steel screws in high pressure environment, and titanium alloy screw, titanium alloy screw compression capacity is stronger, so in space metal will choose to use titanium alloy screw fastener.

Titanium alloy screw and traditional screw in addition to different materials, the price is different, titanium alloy for other traditional screw material, the price is higher, which also depends on the superior performance of titanium alloy. A lot of manufacturers or the enterprise when choosing production titanium screw fasteners, always need to think twice, pure fasteners recommend letter, if the screw using the environment is not very demanding, other materials can pass the other special processing can achieve with titanium alloy screws under the condition of similar performance, suggest to choose other material, so can save a lot of cost, but there are some special use environment, do not use other material screw instead of, advice or titanium alloy screws.

In addition, due to the high price of titanium alloy screws, most manufacturers do not have a large number of titanium alloy screws in stock, so customers need to customize the production of titanium alloy screws.

Why titanium screws are more ’high-end’?

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