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China shows faith in a Post-Brexit Britain

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China’s biggest private property company has re-iterated their intentions to build Western Europe’s tallest residential building, which is to be called ‘Spire London’. The Greenland Group has announced they will

 proceed with plans to build the 235 metre high structure, in spite of the negative perceptions and predictions surrounding the British property market post-Brexit.

“This important launch reflects the confidence that the Greenland Group continues to have in both the London economy and the London property market,” said Wenhao Qian, who is the Managing Director of

 Greenlands UK investments. The news will be warmly embraced by the London property market which has been severely dented by investor confidence since the United Kingdom’s decision to opt out of the

 European Union. 

 Mr.Qian has stated that the Greenland Group believes there will always be a demand for high-class properties that are in prime-locations; regardless of if the level of investment in London does indeed fall, it will

 still remain a major financial hub and therefore attract the wealthiest of people domestically and from overseas. The property is set to cost Greenland a staggering £800 million to build and will consist of 67 floors, consisting of 861 apartments, 96 of which are set to be ‘affordable’ housing units. 

The main features of Spire London: 
Resident Gardens
Club and Cocktail Bar
9 customer lifts 
Located adjacent to Canary Wharf
Views over London (some panoramic) 


The unusual design of Spire London has been inspired by the maritime history of the site and the orchid flower that has significant importance in Chinese history. “Three petals form the spire, creating faceted

 glass façades and nautical style ‘prow’ and ‘bow’ contours. The angled roof of the tower allows for outside terraces in the premier and penthouse apartments, whilst feature louvers allow for natural ventilation

 throughout the building. “– Greenland.  

China shows faith in a Post-Brexit Britain

Greenland who are currently in the process of building 4 of the world’s 10 highest towers say that building will begin in early 2017, with a completion date anticipated for 2020. 

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