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Copper Foil, High – End Furniture Necessities

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During this course in Copper Foil technique, more and more high – end furniture brand add this element to their creative mix.

Especially in this new year’s joy atmosphere, people with tastes often choose to add one or two pieces of copper ornaments to their homes. A beautiful copper 

ornament is always very luxurious and expensive. At this time, a delicate copper foil poster has become the most cost-effective choice. A fine copper wall art 

contains a great deal of information. Your life motto, attitude, thoughts, thinking, persistence and your best wishes, etc.

Also, some people prefer DIY to make their own copper wall art. 

Copper Foil, High - End Furniture Necessities

Here is a step – by – step tutorial. 
1.High quality copper foil (which you can always find in Shanghai Metal Corporation)
2.Glue Dots
2.Metal File

1.Gather all the materials and tools, then get a template.
2.Put the template over the copper foil. Use the wood stylus tool over the template to make some mark on the copper foil.
3.Cut the letters.
4.Use metal file to keep the edges smooth.
5.Place a glue dot at the bottom of each letters. Now you are ready to make your own design copper wall art poster.

Isn’t it a great fun to make your own design to decorate your home. Plus, you can always find a high quality copper foil product in Shanghai Metal Corporation. 

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer’s requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be 

caused during storage or transportation.

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Copper Foil, High - End Furniture Necessities

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