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Recent Experiments in Elevator Sustainability

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Recent Experiments in Elevator Sustainability

Elevators use a lot of energy. The energy used increases with the weight of the elevator, and the height of the building. A typical elevator weighs 80 000 pounds, and every additional floor requires an additional elevator shaft with its own motor. The high energy requirements mean that elevators often account for 2 to 10 percent of a building’s energy use. Most elevators require energy even when they aren’t in use so that they can be ready for the next use. An additional issue elevators face is toxic runoff that results from tidal floodwater.


An important seal of approval and symbol of sustainability for elevators is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which takes into account aspects such as interior paints, carpets, control panels, lighting, and ventilation systems, and which also sets elevator standards.


“Regenerative drive systems” are very popular these days in the elevator industry. These are elevators that recover some of the energy they use. In 2017, Thyssenkrupp Elevator managed to renovate an elevator to achieve net-zero energy, by testing energy-generating cars that divert energy back to the electrical grid, and by turning off lights, fan and de-centralizing the drive when not in use.


Otis Elevator devised a system called “CompassPlus Destination Dispatching”, which removes elevators from service in periods of low traffic. Many of their elevators are working on solar and wind power, and have been used in structures such as the Empire State Building.


Schindler Elevator Corporation has reduced overall emissions by optimizing the transportation process, using local material sourcing and hub distribution.


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