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Pharmaceutical Foil For Packing

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The hygienic and protective properties of aluminium used in pharmaceutical blisters packs or tubes provide a barrier against external factors such as heat, moisture, bacteria and odours.

Because it is very malleable it can be easily deformed without losing its barrier integrity, making it an ideal material for use in combination with other flexible substrates to create very thin laminates for a variety of markets, saving resources.

When pressed into a shaped dish, aluminium foil memorises its shape, particularly where the folds and rims occur. Shape, thickness, alloy and temper can be selected to create exactly the performance characteristics required.

The formability of the metal and thus the variety of shaping possibilities allows various shaped and shouldered cans and tubes, enhancing shelf differentiation.

Aluminium aerosol container producers have developed contoured as well as embossed and debossed cans which can be produced without having to reduce production speed at large scale. The formability of aluminium and monobloc production technologies facilitate quick reactions to changing market trends with ever shorter product lifecycles.

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